Manual Round Bottle Labeling Machine

Manual Round Bottle Labeling Machine

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As we all know putting labels on bottles and jars by hand is always a time consuming process, so as to save the time and money we are offering an effortless and user friendly Manual Round Bottle Labeling Machine for small businesses. It is wonderful for cosmetic jars, beverages, lotion bottles and any round container. You can just place the container on the rollers, turn crank, and your label is perfectly aligned and applied. Its centralized lubricating system, which make it effortless and maintenance free.

Features of Manual Round Bottle Labeling Machine:

  • Photo-sensors to detect label output and automatically self-regulated production speed.
  • It is known for its fast labeling speed and perfect labeling performance, no wrinkle, no bubble.
  • Space saving structure allows easy move and load,
  • It can be easily  adjusted according to our operation manual.